Fishing techniques


Drifting the Grass Flats

Slow drifting across the grass flats is a productive way to cover a lot of water, and locate schools of fish.  Equipped with a PowerPole Drift Paddle, the CatchARay can drift very slowly, fishing the grass flats and targeting potholes which serve as ambush points for predator fish.  Artificial lures like soft plastics on a jig, spoons, and hard lures work best as you are moving and casting, searching for fish.  

Live Bait

Live bait works extremely well when the boat is anchored by the PowerPole in shallow water.  "Free lining" live bait on spinning rod with just a hook, or a small split shot is most effective.  Live bait consists of shrimp, and fresh bait fish caught by cast net prior to your arrival at the dock.   A popping cork or bobber can also be added, keeping the live bait suspended above the grass.   These techniques are applied using cut bait (frozen or fresh) as well.  

Mangroves Treelines & Oyster Beds

Fishing close to the shoreline along mangrove trees and oyster beds presents one of the best opportunities to hook a large redfish, snook or spotted sea trout.   Don't worry about getting hooked up into the mangroves.  If you don't throw into the mangroves, then you are not pitching it close enough to the target.   It Happens!

Wade Fishing

For the more advanced angler, consider wade fishing.  Leave the boat anchored up on a beach and cover shallow waters of protected bays and coves by wading.  Cover a lot of  water, make lots of cast to target the schooled up fish.  You can do it sneakers, but a pair of diver boots with hard rubber bottoms is recommended.  A link is below.  Captain Thom will fish along side with you and teach you how to do "the stingray shuffle" to prevent accidentally stepping on a sleeping ray.  Combine the stealthiness of fly fishing, with the excitement of saltwater catches. 

Links and Promotions


CCA Star Tournament.

As the largest family-friendly saltwater fishing competition in Florida, CCA Florida STAR presented by Yamaha, runs from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day and boasts amazing prizes for anglers of all ages and skill levels.

A unique combination of conservation, data collection and education, plus prizes and scholarships valued at over $500,000, makes CCA Florida STAR the states can’t-miss summer-long fishing competition. No other fishing tournament in Florida has the ability to engage anglers of all ages and experience levels, including non-anglers who can participate and win simply by collecting trash and debris.

 Recognized as a ‘catch, photo and release’ competition, STAR’s smart phone app eliminates the requirement for anglers to harvest or capture and transport fish and constantly promotes the proper handling of all species in the competition.

The 101-day, family friendly angling competition offers over $500,000 in prizes in 17 divisions including tagged, non-tagged, inshore and offshore. Anglers have their shot at prizes from brand new boat, motor and trailer packages, cash, marine electronics, Yamaha motors, all-terrain vehicles, scholarships and much more.

Register Here

CCA Membership Refund Promotion April 1 - June 30

Join the CCAFL as a member, and register for the  2019 CCA Star Tournament, and Captain Ray will refund your CCA Membership via discounted charter.  $35 for basic membership. $50 for Conservation Membership. $40 for CCA Stat Tournament.    Captain Thom supports the important  work of CCA, and will reduce your charter up to $90 for charters booked from April 1-June 30.   Show your CCA membership upon boarding Catch A Ray for your discount.   Free CCA Membership!  Free registration into the Star Tournament.  A chance to win some very cool prizes!  

Boots for Wading.

Available at any local dive shop or tackle shop, if you plan on wading,  a pair of hard rubber boots is recommended.  Here's a link to Amazon for the boots Captain Thom wears while wading.